Well hello there…

I know what you’re thinking reading the title of this post…. Probation?? Oh, did I forget to tell you that the entire reason I started this blog is to express my life after prison and being on probation? hahaha- No, at my job.

Ironically, this is a really awesome thing for me. You may or may not know, but I have been living in Malta since April 2017. To be able to stay/be a resident in Malta I had to obtain a work/residence permit which took me, no joke, like 4 months to actually receive the permit and start my job, after receiving the job offer. This is on top of job searching and interviewing for 5 months prior for literally ANY job. This was a huge deal for me. This meant I get to stay in Malta with Jon and not worry about being deported, hah..but for real.

I have been at my job for almost 6 months now and up until yesterday have been on probation since the beginning.

This basically means that I was being assessed for my suitability in my role as a sales executive at the software company I work for. Again, yet another thing that I find pretty ironic, me working at a software/technology company. By no means have I ever been considered the most ‘tech-savvy’ gal, but I do have a background in sales so once I got the job offer I said a quick hallelujah and thought to myself…”Alright, let’s sell the shit out of this software I know nothing about.” At that point it was keeping me in the country and I lucked out with a pretty cool company so I was now selling software in Malta, being the only American at my company.

I spent literally the first 3 weeks at my new job learning all the tech gibberish that I was meant to know and sell to the west coast customers in the US. I will go into the entire work permit process later, but for now just know I basically got this job because I am working with US clients and am American, which is rare to find here, so it just fit. At this point I was literally willing to sell one of my kidneys for a job offer when they offered me the job, so much so that I also said yes to working a late shift to correlate to the time difference in the States. So I work from 2:30pm-10:30pm everyday. It has it’s pros and cons working later in the day… but never on Fridays, working late on Fridays just suck.

Much to my surprise I caught on quite quick to the software lingo and progressed quite well and began asking for more work almost as soon as I got started. After bartending and traveling as freely as I wished, being back in an office in the same rollie chair, sitting in front of the same bright computer screen took a toll on me but I have actually become pretty happy in the role as of recently. Although I didn’t see myself back in an office, I have to remember how bad I wanted/needed this job to stay in the country and surprisingly how lucky I got to work for a pretty awesome company.

So there we have it…I am a free woman… officially off probation and selling the shit out of the software I once knew absolutely nothing about, in a country I had never even heard of before moving there.



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