Hello Wordy Wednesday…

Hello Wednesday…

It’s always a good day to have a good day, but how about I spit out some meaningful words that make you feel damn good about yourself or maybe about a situation you are going through.

Let’s call it Wordy Wednesday. Let’s make this a regular thing.

I came across this quote on my Pinterest. I believe this is a good reminder to keep in your back pocket. Me personally, I give out tons of positive advice and encouragement to friends and family. I need to listen to myself sometimes and actually take my own advice, give myself that ‘positive self talk.’ My lovely sister, Amanda, has always said that is her favorite things about me; that I always see the best in every situation. Always have a positive mindset, no matter the situation. I’d like to say that that is my best quality as well.

Sometimes you catch yourself in a rut though. Examining and picking apart every single thing for the negative, shitty, nitty gritty parts. Don’t do it! It can be hard to pick yourself up out of that negative shit pile after you have been frolicking in it for so long.

It’s also nice to surround yourself with a positive & fun crowd. It’s never fun to be around or hear from a negative Nancy all the time. Be around people who make you feel happy and alive and creating….(drum roll)…..#positivevibes. Don’t get sucked into that negative mindset of constant complaining or sadness. Be Happy! You only live one life, don’t waste it being upset all the time. Ew.

This is the perfect quote for me to share right now because I have found myself not taking my own advice and stuck in that negative rut from time to time. Mainly because of my job and I need to look at the bigger picture and see just how wonderful my life really is.

I am sure everyone needs to give themselves that positive self talk from time to time, so I hope this gives you a gentle reminder or a swift kick in the ass to be HAPPY!

Until next time….





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