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I’ve always been a blondie, from a little tot to highlights here and there as I got older. My natural hair color now is more what they call a “dishwater blonde.” I rocked this for a while and it felt good to just have natural locks, but I recently took the plunge and decided to do a balayage with heavy platinum blonde on the ends. With this being said, bleach and lots of it tends to make for split ends and dry, damaged hair.

Every time I go to the hairdresser she tells me I need a trim, every time I say “okay, yes next time..” and then next time comes and well the vicious cycle continues. Yes, I am one of those that never wants to cut my hair while I am growing it out. Every inch counts and I don’t want to layer it, trim it or even have the scissors close to my growing, yet (hard to admit) damaged hair. Since I am a stubborn one, she & I desperately decided I needed a deep treatment or a miracle sent from heaven for my hair. I was willing to spend a pretty penny in hopes of having luscious blonde locks without having to cut it for now.

The stylist named a few products and then mentioned the most expensive conditioner/mask and listed the attributes. I immediately said yes! Sometimes I tend to be an impulse buyer of things of these sorts. They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too… well I assume you can’t have extremely blonde hair and not splurge on the hair products. Okay… bad reference, but you catch my drift haha.

I decided on Moroccan Gold Series – Treatment Mask – Intense care for dry and damaged hair. The deciding factor here was the pure Argan oil straight from Morocco. Oh la la… sounds fancy enough, I’ll take it! I paid €40 for the 550 ml/18.6 fl oz tub here in Malta, although it may be cheaper somewhere else as this is a small island.

The treatment mask, like most, list it’s top qualities on the label:

  • Conditions, nourishes and locks in moisture
  • Fortifies and strengthens strands
  • Protects hair against breakage, dryness and damage
  • Enriched with keratin & sulfate free

It would only be put to the true test once I got home and tried it out on my own. I don’t know about you guys, but my hair always feels just lovely and soft after leaving the salon but the products never work quite the same at home.

The treatment mask comes in a big tub full of product and has lasted me almost a month, being pretty much still full. I apply about a quarter size all over my head when I use it. Let it soak for about 5 mins. Then Wa-Lah… Hair from Heaven!

So truth be told… this is the best conditioner/treatment mask I have ever used.  Ever.

I don’t wash my hair everyday, but I do use it every time I wash my hair and absolutely love the results. It keeps my hair silky soft, shiny and leaves it smelling indescribably amazing. I never spend money on hair products and can honestly say I will buy this again and again.

There are a few other products I recently purchased to keep my blonde locks up-to-par. I will share those in another post. Do you have any go-to, cannot live without hair products?

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