I’m Stephanie, a Texan currently living on the little island of Malta in Europe with my lovely boyfriend, Jon and our little sausage dog, Doodle. I am a lover of travel,¬†connoisseur of cheese and a sucker for a hoppy craft beer or a cold fruity cocktail.¬†

I have always had a social media outlet of some sort to share tid-bits about my life, but only recently decided to jump into Steph Ellien, a lifestyle and travel blog to share my quirky thoughts about the simple everyday things in life that I am passionate about.

Why the name Steph Ellien? Its not far from the tree really. Stephanie my first name, shortened to Steph, which is what everyone calls me. Followed by my unique middle name, Ellien (pronounced e-lean) which I share with my Grandmother and Niece. So it holds a little special place in my heart.

I love everything about my life and everything that makes me feel alive. Welcome and thanks for checking out Steph Ellien. I hope to spark a little inspiration, a few laughs and happiness into your life as you visit my page. Any questions just ask!